Why are my fingers and toes locking up and cramping?

Why have my fingers suddenly started locking/freezing up and cramping? For the past few weeks I hold been getting sudden sharp cramps in any of my hands. The cramps then move to my fingers cause my fingers to freeze/lock up. It feels like something is pushing my fingers. When I try to straighten my fingers out, they won't straighten. The spasm is horrible! These episodes usually last for about 5 minutes and can occur at any moment. During the 5 minutes I can't pick up anything or hold anything. Minutes after the pain subsides and my fingers go put money on to normal I start feeling cramping surrounded by either foot. The cramp then moves up to my toes cause my toes to also lock up/freeze. The pain in my foot and toes is the worst! The pain is so bad that I enjoy lie down, I can't walk. The misery in my feet and toes can ending anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more. I also noticed that my legs have be feeling heavier than usual. It feels close to I have to drag my leg when I walk.


Please don't relay me to go to a Dr. I can't afford a doctor currently. I also don't think I'm thirsting because I drink lots of water and Gatorade. I also don't think it's a potassium not as much as because I've been getting lots of potassium (been eating bananas and etc). I'm also not over mass (I'm nowhere near being over shipment, in fact)

So what could be causing this?

Answers:    I know you said you can't afford to see a doctor, but you can turn to any emergency room and they have to treat you, whether you have insurance or not. Your symptoms sounds so bloody and unusual that it's probably a good idea to see a doctor for them. Are in attendance any free clinics near you? Do you have any friends or ethnic group members that could help you next to the cost of doctor visit? I do know that calcium deficiency can result in muscle cramps, but I really think you are having a medical emergency. I'm sorry that this is not the answer you be looking for, but I am very concerned for you! I hope you are able to win this resolved soon!

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