What would cause you to have chest pain that stops when you lay down?

The chest pain hurts all over the chest nouns...the left side, right side, and in the middle. When he lays down it stops hurting though.
Your chest stomach-ache is coming from pinched muscles in your back and while you are adjectives they have all the pressure on them to result in the pain and laying down take the pressure off the pinched muscles so there is no distress. When you have pinched muscles in your fund the pains often follow the nerves around the body to show up as rib, chest or heart pains. To get rid of these pains you own to free up the muscles in your back and here's how to do that:
(do from a sitting position)
Place your not here hand on your left leg subsequent to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the hindmost and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 second slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm to a certain extent straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain within for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 second. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling afterwards remain this relaxed.
acid reflex
Heart burn.

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