What is the beat per minute of a 'normal' human pulse?

My girlfriend says its 70 - 80, but mine is at a steady 45. am I dead?
According to WHO , it is now bet ween 60-100 beat / min . u shud check ur pulse again as it changes wth factors approaching exercise , excitement , rest ,increase body movements n others .if ur pulse is persistently 45 b/ min ,consult a cardio logist . Have an ECG n try to check ur Blood pressure regularly
hey it is 70-80 /pm.
i don't think that yours is 45 their must be something wrong
No, but unless you are a suprfit babyish man/woman who runs and attends the gym - maybe even a Squaddie - then you should pop and see the practice nurse to receive a well man check. The problem when your pulse drops below 50bpm is that you may get unsatisfactory perfusion of oxygen to the brain. The technical term for this slow heartbeat is bradycardia. You do not dispense sufficient personal details for any further help but I would suggest a visit to your local surgery for a check up! Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradycardia
Normal average is between 60 - 80 beat per minute. Anything lower get yourself checked out by a doctor. And NO LOL your not dead.
45 is a bit slow. But are very fit and active after its not bad. The average is 65 to 80. 72 being commonly accepted as the norm.
I only just checked mine and it was 66 bpm.
Yours is very slow.
,60-80 beats per minute,but i own seen many population who continuesly had a low heart rate very fit race also usually have low but steady heart rates
72 is the normal, if yours is 45 you hold one of only two possible scenarios:

1) You are surrounded by phenomenal shape. Athletes have a lower heart rate because their blood transports oxygen more efficiently.

2) You hold a heart problem. No, seriously.
The "normal" resting pulse rate of the "average" grown is 60-80 beats per minute.

In people who do abundantly of sport, it can be a lot lower, so if you do a lot of sport, I wouldn't be too concerned roughly the 45 bpm.

You're obviously not dead as you're competent to type and you have a pulse! But it may be worth just checking near your doctor (even if you do do a lot of sport) just to ensure that it is "normal" for you.
No! The ordinary heart rate varies. It is higher surrounded by babies and young children but should be lower in adults. It tend to vary a lot depending on fitness height. If you are very overweight and/or elderly and/or have a strong family unit history of heart disease, I would suggest you see your GP (my dad had a very low resting pulse rate and this be due to heart disease). However, if you are very active and fit after your pulse rate will be lower when you are resting because the heart muscle is stronger and your lungs more efficient and therefore the heart does not own to beat as often to catch the required oxygen levels to your tissues. My university classmate was within the Army and had a resting pulse rate of 50 beats per minute.
It is typically around 72 but some people have lower reading which is ok. perhaps you are a very fit entity.exercising etc
Scan down this link to Normal resting heart rate.
The forceful pulse rat for an adult would be as your Girlfriend says around 72 is the regular at rest.
You should really consult your Doctor to make sure everything is OK.
Good luck and take nurture!
If yours is usually 45 then you must be very fit! The fitter you are the lower the heart rate usually
Got mine down to 37 once! Assuming you're a healthy individual, the fitter you get hold of the slower your rest pulse rate becomes. To get a upright base rate for reference, return with into the habit of measuring it first point in the morning. I used to do this years ago whilst in training. When you're pretty sure what your remnant rate is, i.e. average resting pulse, its easy to tell if you hold a mild virus infection. My base rate was around 40-45 and if my resting pulse be around 55+ first thing in the morning, I know I had a mild virus infection. This wouldn't stop me going about my each day stuff but normal training would be exceedingly arduous. The resting pulse can also be high through too much caffeine intake, previous complicated training and of course too much partying the night earlier. The body is working hard to recover from the 'battering' it have received and this is reflected in the pulse rate.
Its different for everyone usually its 60 beat per min at rest,it depends on many factors,height above sea level,weight,how fit you are ,blood pressure etc,but as a standard for a normal full-size as i said around 60 but it does vary. I was a paramedic 35yrs experience.
60-80 bpm
72 is average but some athletes own a pulse rate ofas little as 22 beats a min.
45 could either be a sign that you are super fit or that you own a medical problem. As long as you feel otherwise fit and healthy, i wouldnt verbs about it.
Average pulse rate for a decent adult is 72 beats per minute


found info hear Source(s): http://www.medindia.net/patients/calcula…

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