How do doctors put you to sleep during an operation ?

well..heres the 12 years old and i hold to get my adnoids will the docters put me to sleep and does it dad had hernia and he said they put a nozzle in his arm that hust alotttt!...omg
im really scared! IM 12 YEARS OLD!
He will just give u something. Kind of close to getting a flue shot for the winters or basically any shot for that matter. and NO it will not hurt!!
When you obtain to the hospital a nurse will start and IV in your hand (an IV is a small plastic "straw" that allows doctors and nurses to tender you fluids and medications. IVs are GOOD because you won't need to acquire a shot whenever you need to get medication! :) ) Once you get your IV the nurse or doctor can then afford you some medication that will probably make you very sleepy. Once it's time for your surgery they will transport you to the operating room and move you over to the operating table. Once the anesthesiologist (the doctor that puts you to sleep) and surgeon (the doctor that will take your adenoids out) are ready the anesthesiologist will put more medication within your IV and you will fall asleep. Once you are asleep the anesthesiologist may put a tube in your throat to minister to you breathe during your surgery (you will be too sleepy to even remember to breathe!) and when the surgery is done and before you wake up the tube will be out. You will wake up up in the recovery room and probably not even remember going to the operating room! Good luck! Source(s): Registered Nurse- 2 years Operating Room experience.
My bro have this done a while back. They will put an I.V. in your arm, but it doesn't hurt as much as you suggest, and it is for your own good. To put you to sleep, the doctors use anesthesia that is inhaled usually through a curtain. It doesn't hurt at all and no matter how much you try to stay awake you won't know how to! Before you know it the operation will be over and you get to eat as much Ice Cream as you want!

Good Luck! Source(s): Nurse parents!
Hey I have mine out too, but I was 6. They put you to sleep before the operation and usually they will administer you a needle in your cannula (like what they hook a drip up to) to receive it easier if they need to give you another injection. However, if you are really stressed out on the light of day of your op, just let them know and they will offer you gas to put you to sleep and then put the cannula in after. The gas its merely a mask that goes over your trunk that smells a bit funny but will make you sleep really quickly. Don't stress it will adjectives work out. Good luck.
they numb the nouns the needle goes surrounded by and inject you with a sedative. You won't exactly grain a thing :)
dont' worry! it does't hurt. they put you to sleep they usually use propofol. they can also put ancestors to sleep with gas (nitrous oxide + oxygen + sevoflurane), but usually reserve that for children under the age of 8. Most race get nothing but oxygen by covering until after the IV drugs are given.

they also give medications to oblige prevent you from getting sick.

That's just a start, but probably more than you wanted to know.

hope i heled!
xoxo Source(s): my mom's an anesthesiologist so i asked her!
there are different ways to put you to sleep during an operation. the most adjectives is a anesthesia which is kinda like a gas. they put this mask over you mouth & snout and you will inhale this gas type thing (it's not scary, i've done it until that time and at some doctor's you get to choose what flavor of gas you want =]) and it slowly puts you to sleep. they usually have to count down from 10 and consequently soon you'll be out.

don't worry at all! it's not upsetting & i'm sure you can do it =]]
My mum is have a hip replacement a week today (tuesday 20th Jan 09) and she says they put a needle within your arm with anesthetic. mum says they let somebody know you to count down from 10-1 and by the time you are at 8 or 9 you are already asleep. yes it probably will hurt but its only for a few seconds next it's over and you are asleep so you can't feel it. don't panic. everything will be fine. in recent times feel sorry for my mum she has to swot up how to walk again.
It is nothing to be scared of. I promise. Painless
When you wake up up you will be so surprised it was done already.
Sorry, but your dad is right. They will have to put a needle any in your arm or your hand so they can inject the medication that will put you to sleep. I be put under once and they put the needle contained by my hand. It hurt just just about as much as getting blood drawn from your arm. Hurts for a second and then it's over. You'll be fine. Just hold someone's hand really tight while it's human being done!
well i have my tonsils taken out and i was put under Anestassia and they put close to a gas mask like entry over my nose just similar to how the denist gives you laughing gas and you count down from 100 and i got to 97 i expect hehe and its just like falling asleep, it be no pain at all
please guys don't try to scare her out of it, the later thing you want is she running away from home just because of this little problem

resourcefully the truth either is the doc is going to give you a sleeping gas near ur mouth covered with mask to win you breath normally and as soon as you know it your operation is done.
or he will give a shot a plunger that will not hurt at all. just similar to an ant bite but even weaker. just imagine an injured ant bite that singular have a tooth left. after you just simply lay down and just relax.

u will be glad when its adjectives over because the difficult part of the operation infact is now when you hear all rumors about how much it hurt and strain it will get. but when you done the operation, you'll be notice that it is a bit easy going if you just enjoy operation with a hand-full of courage.

don't worry your loved ones is there for support, infact we all here will support you to obverse and embrace your fears. :)

send feedbacks, i want to hear all almost it when your done :)
They do put a plunger in your arm. The anesthesiologist will put the needle surrounded by your arm and then before you can even count to 5 you will be asleep. Then the entire surgery you will be observed by the anesthesiologist to sort sure your anesthesgia is ok. You will always be watched by a respiratory specialist who will monitor your breathing. Your critical signs and heart rate will all be monitored. The needle doesnot hurt to desperate. You won't even really know and you will be asleep. You will be taken very good supervision of. I am sure all will be fine. Good luck with your surgery =)
Most of the time they use a gas (I forgot the autograph :P)
All they do is put a mask over your face, approaching if you ever seen a person beside asthma they have a facial mask. And you breath it within and you fall asleep. Trust me your really young so they wouldn't make available you a painful shot.

GL, You'll be fine~
The IV will hurt a bit bit. Thru the IV they will give you an injection immediately past surgery. Then a couple minutes later they put the gas mask on ya and report to you to count to 10. I made it to 3 before I was out! It really isn't bleak at all. I had my adnoids and tonsils out. The surgery be the easy part LOL!
The inoculation is one mode, but there are also inhalants (gas) like ether. So it will depend on what your doctor desires to use. Your dad probably had to have IV for his surgery, you should not want it.
I've never had an operation (I'm 13), but I know they use anesthetic. And I think they put this blanket on you an you breathe in this gas that makes you really sleepy. And next they do surgery. And you probably get pampered a bit.

What's an adnoid? I know that near tonsils, you get to eat nil but ice cream/popsicles because it's nice and cold.

But don't worry. It'll be fine.
well stunning it dependes on how big of a surgry for minnor ones the use the needle but bigger they but a mask over your mouth and trunk that makes you fall a sleep and eather road its pain free
they have masses ways of doing it
one is a shot .
another way is they use a gas .
No the shot dosen`t hurt
Do not worry, you will not perceive a thing...just do not try to resist the sleeping drug, or you may not own the full affect of the drug!
Best of Luck!
12 years old and scared of a shot...
You'll be OK. It's NOT upsetting or painful. Also they have various different kinds of anesthesia, so you might get a shot or they might contribute you some gas to breath. In any case it will be fine.
They might put anesthesia on you! Source(s):…
They sedate you with an oral drug to make you drowsy, then they stick a fine hypodermic in the back of your paw that doesn't hurt much at all. You count backwards from 10, feel a bit of a rush within your head and the next item you know they're waking you up. It's no big deal at adjectives. I think your dad has be having you on.
anaesthetic... they make you count down from ten and its purely like you fall asleep back counting to one. Dont worry its painless
I've gone through 2 operations, a hernia operation and an appendicitis operation, with both operation, the doctors used anesthesia to put me to sleep. It's completely painless and it's kinda fun actually. What they do is give u the anesthesia and enjoy u count backwards from 10, Both times I only made it to around 6 then I be completely out. Next thing I knew, I be in a dark room and wrapped surrounded by a hot blanket. As soon as I woke up, a nurse came in and checked on me. It's really simple.

And no... next to modern medicine, the IV (aka needle connected to a tube) does not hurt at adjectives. You don't even feel it. Kinda like a spider bite. Hope this help and Best of Luck! Source(s): Past experience with surgery.
anesthesia. I've had two doesn't hurt at all. Don't worry.
no it doesn't.
it's like a super quick shot.
resembling if you've gotten the flu shot, it's just like that.
a pinch is better than staying awake through more torment :)
Dont be scared. I be super scared to and it is like taking an awesome powernap.
They will bestow you a shot. also... after they are done with the operation, it will be sore
Tranquilizers, they inject them inside you.
Who are anaesthetists?… Source(s):…

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