Whats the different within chewing a pill and swallowing it adjectives?

is there any reduce within medical effectiveness in it?
The answer is: it depends on the drug. Some drugs are made to be chewed resembling antacids for faster effects. Some drugs like antihypertensives are placed under the tongue for faster effects too. However some drugs are coated & are better swallowed & metabolized first. So it depends on what loving of drug you will be taking. You better consult with your doctor or read the product insert for information. I hope this helps. -dennisMD
Depends on the pill. I work as a medication administrative aid and I have individuals who cannot swallow whole pills. They will not allow me to crush unshakable medications and instead with hold me mix multiple teeny tiny pills in applesauce or yogurt. A lot of controlled substances are this way. Check beside your doctor. You might be able to chew or crush your med in a food if that's something you touch you might need to do.
Some pills are made next to coatings so they have a time release element to them, and are intended to be dissolved in your stomach, not in your mouth.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist give or take a few the requirements for different kinds of pills.
no it doesnot make any difference
but its good that u swallow it coz u wont be artificial by its test
hey but its up to u how u wanna take it
You chew or you swallow surrounded by ther
Some pills come in a chewable form, others are designed to swallow whole, don't ever crush time released pills, especially major misery pills. If you want a straight answer, talk to a Pharmacist. Most antibiotics are time released and should be swallowed whole. Good luck Source(s): My expwerience and judgment.
Some pills will say not to chew them on the bottle. It is usually because they have coatings that time release the drug to second all day or own ingredients that taste bad or numb the mouth. It is best solely to chew meds that say they are chewable. If they are chewable they are usually meant to start working within the mouth so they should be chewed not swallowed.
I chew mine.
And it helps alot better.
like if you enjoy pain...it will go away minutes after.
not really much diffrence.
Some pills are time released. You don't want to chew or crush those! You'll get the whole dose adjectives at once instead of spread out over a few hours.
Chewing a pill may receive it act faster. It also may put a drug that was not intended to touch your esophagus burn it.

If the pill has a hard shell or layer, it was meant to be released more slowly or surrounded by a different part of your digestive system.

Some herbs surrounded by capsule form can burn your throat if not swallowed integral. Cayenne pepper can be an ingredient.

Junkies often chew up their oral drugs for a quicker hit, but they will also take other crazy likelihood.
I have no stomach, so I am inept to get the benefits from most pills unless I chew them or let them dissolve below my tongue.

Chewing them gets the medicine into your system faster, as does allowing them to dissolve. However plentiful times they taste horrible. For me, especially with aching medicines that don't come in gooey however I have found it to be worth it. It takes a Darvocet give or take a few 45 minutes to dissolve under the tongue and tastes horrible, however I never get the full relief with chewing as some would other stick in my teeth.

However some time release medications will not work as okay because they are designed to be broken down in the stomach and slowly released into your blood stream.

Always check with your pharmacist back chewing a medication if there is no information with the tablets that states that the medication must be taken whole. Source(s): Personal experience with have no stomach and being on many different medication.
Chewing a pill get in your system quicker alot of people do that instead of swallowing
Works faster to chew.
If you chew a pill, you will surface the effects alot quicker. If you swallow it whole..it takes time for it to dissolve and purloin effect.
well if you cruch up a pill i would expect it to be metabolized a little faster and to release its effects adjectives at once. More surface area means it will be digested faster. If it is full on the other hand your stomach juices will run longer to break it apart and metabolize the pill. This would maybe reduce the effects of the med and extend how long it works.
I think it dissolves faster in your system therefor working faster.

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