Water down the "wrong pipe"?

if you are drinking water or juice and you say aloud, "ahh cough cough that hurt it just went down the wrong pipe, does it in reality go into your lungs, or does it just grain that way. if it does go into your lungs, consequently how does it get out? thanks.
I think it does or at lowest possible come close to it. It wont kill you though the coughing you experiance after expells it.
It goes into your bronchial tube. If it actually reach all the way to your lungs, it's call aspirational pneumonia. If it's only water, it will eventually be rapt into your body. If it's food, it will probably stay there.
I learned going on for this before. i just forgot. I mull over the epiglottis is suppose to block it from going the wrong way or something. Sorry I'm no help.

im not sure i think its a short time ago a saying though because you swallowed it dodgey or sumat
If your sea goes into your trachea (windpipe) then you do cough abundantly.

In some cases, it can get trapped (the windpipe and other air passage are lined with mucous to trap things that shouldn't be there) and be coughed up.

In other cases (depending a bit on the strength of your cough and how much be aspirated) the water can get down the windpipe and into the lungs. In this scenario, it can be trapped contained by mucous in the lungs and still be coughed up, or it might stay in the lungs until it be absorbed by the body.

In the case of liquid or substances other than water, these things can exact a nasty chemical irritation to the lungs (aspiration pneumonia) and can make associates quite sick.

If you are lucky, the water freshly gets trapped in the upper bit of the windpipe (epiglottis and larynx) Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulmonary_a…



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