My aunt have a bed sore on her right butt cheek. are donut shaped cushions ok to relieve the pressure?

we already turn her often. are there better ways to relieve the pressure within this specific area.
You nouns like an awesome Nephew. Before utilizing a doughnut, PLEASE ask for advice from her Physician. He may obligation to see the severity of the bed sore, as they do come in different stages. (Stage 1-2-3-4)- and there are different ways to treat bed sores. Turning her recurrently is very good. Place a pillow trailing her back/torso, in order to hang on to the bedsore unexposed to the bed. I have a few sites, but, please contact her Dr. and see what he/she advices. Good luck and take strictness! I commend you for ur concern! Source(s): Medical Field over 27 years
Work in Nursing home, see plenty of this type of thing, undesirably
yes, hospitals and nursing homes use them for that reason ...but i would lift her to the doc , because it might even be staph...or could lead to staph, or other bad infections
You are doing the right thing more or less asking for help. Relieving the pressure is the key to beneficial pressure wounds.There are alternating pressure mattresses that her MD can order.

Since you know to turn her often, I'm assuming you are doing this every 2 hours or smaller number. One of the problems is that while you are trying to keep her off this nouns that is already broken down, there is a susceptibility to use the other positions more and increase the potential for breakdown at the other sites. This is where the alternating pressure mattresses come in handy because they alternate pressure continually. This doesn't anticipate less turning however.

I'm sure she has see the MD about this already and you were given instructions to save the wound clean and how to care for it. There are frequent dressings and wound care treatments that can help. Hopefully it is a small one that will treat in a few weeks.
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I don't recommend donut pillows for people who have bed sores especially on the buttock area. The reason is when they sit on it, yes in attendance is no pressure on the wound are but what happens is the donut pillow traps the blood and other pillows within after boundaries of the pillows causing the area to swell and stretch the skin around the wound cause posible shearing of the tissues. Best thing to do is have MD check what stage the pressure sore it, MD would prescribe wound treatment. Also positiong within bed is really important, turning every 2 hrs for pressure relief. It's advisable that society with sores on bottom limit sitting up up to 2 hrs until wound closes. Hope this help. Source(s): physical therapist
You need to bring her to the Dr. as soon as possible. There are treatments that can be done for her. If it is bad enough she will inevitability to be hospitalized to heal it. This is very serious.

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