My toenail in recent times broke what should i do?

i wanna take it off but the problem is that i dont want my fastener to be missing.summer's coming to and i wanna wear cute flip flops
try a couple drops of super epoxy resin ot anil glue the kind to be precise used for fake nails if you seize too much on it simply file it down and buff or paint
OK, take some superglue and stick it on a small piece of tissue article. Then take the tissue paper and stick it on the crack, and hang on to it there for a couple days. if it does not heal, see a foot doctor.
Well is it totaling coming of similar to the whole way, except then cut the rest to match it. Source(s): Experience
I would take bad any part that is loose, preserve it clean, keep the rest of your toenails as short as you can so it won't stand out that much, and hope for the best.
you should cut it stale or it will brake even more. anyway, toenails grow back...
guzzle it.

itll grow back!
grow up, it's a nail!
Well you can paste it on! The broken nail will fall of anway even if you merely leave it, I would leave it and put a bandaid on it wilth antibotic cream at most minuscule till it grows a little:)
Broken and discolored nail, disgraceful!
u should wait till it grow put a bet on cuz i broke my toenail before and it toke less than a month depending on how much you broke bad.
Break the other one so they fit
You should lift it off and color toes with sharpie!
My idea is you should clip of that toenail and then clip your other toenails to fashion it even. good luck hope i helped you
time to panic
Depending on how it is broken, you could finish up getting an infection so you best get to a Podiatrist and get it checked ... forget the self-absorption. It's better to have a bandaged toe this summer then to close the eyes to it now and maybe expiration up with a serious problem and have to hold the toe amputated. Source(s): and think of all the sympathy you will attain with a bandaged toe *wink*
umm i think u should sow it spinal column on.
be a man
i know this sounds weird...but superglue it. works well on papercuts too!
Leave it alone until it heals. Wash it frequently and formulate sure you allow it to be well ventilated. If you prevent it from getting infected, it'll alleviate the fastest. If it does get infected, as in red, rough, and possibly discharge, dip it in rubbing alcohol to kill the germs however, this is really painful. So try to keep it verbs.
you idiot just cut it off
its not similar to people are going to be preocupied by your feet
god, the things inhabitants worry about now!
win a gorilla glue and glue it vertebrae on.
You should go to a doctor and get him/her to pinch it off. You can always use a put-on nail! (=
either take it bad or glue it
nails grow hurried, so if u take it off it will one and only take a short time b4 it grows put a bet on, u didn't say how much the nail come off
Well it depends on how desperate it is broken. Trim it and let it keep growing until you can cut it evenly or the crack surrounded by it or whatever disappears.
no dont worry u grow nail simply as quick as hair,,,,ull start to see th pin again within 2 weeks its better to remove completely for a even growing size!

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