Why do society slit their wrist vertically and not across?

I AM NOT INFLICTING ANY SORT OF INJURY ON MYSELF, I AM CURIOUS. Alright, it's a common cliche that when people commit suicide, they slit their wrists up and down and not across. What does this do? AGAIN, I AM NOT SUICIDAL OR INFLICTING ANYTHING ON MYSELF. Thanks.
only loosers purloin the easy way out!, adjectives wrists is stupid.
if you cut your veins vertically they stretch out up more so you bleed out faster... plus its harder for the vein walls to heal themselves as so much blood would be gushing out...

horizontally the cuts don't incapacitate the vein walls as much so there isn't as much bleeding and the bleeding will stop and the vein will heal more quickly
Cause they have no existence lol.
Since your veins run parallel to your arm, by slitting your wrists up/down you are cutting through more artery, vs across where you are merely cutting across the capillary. You lose more blood by cutting vertically, so the person is more possible to die from blood loss.
I guess you can make longer cuts that approach?
Because you cut more of the artery or artery and bleed more quickly, it is also more difficult to stop.
It's most probable because if they cut their wrist horizontally, they will see the blood flow out to quickly and chicken out, or it's because they want to die a slow, painful loss, rather than a quick, bloody passing. In general, the blood is released slower when cut vertically, because it opens up 1 or 2 vein, not 7-14 veins when cut horizontally.
"It is better to go down the road than across it."
slits that big capillary wide open.
you bleed to annihilation faster.

this is very morbid 0.o
Because.. they want to... I think... I dunno, I don't believe suicide and cutting is too great.. my friend used to cut
When you slit the wrists up and down it is more vicious. It goes across more veins that bearing. So if people want to kill themselves by slitting wrists next they do it that way so it slices more veins and later they bleed more. So they slit them like that and then purloin a bath or take like mad of blood thinners.
more blood
if you slit it across it will cut a vain and you lose blood then eventually die vertically wont but it will still make you bleed

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