Torn ACL and Skateboarding?

Alright so a couple months ago I got told my meniscus was torn, so I go through the surgery for that, and they said my ACL was torn too.

I went through physical treatment to rehab the knee, but still haven't had the surgery for my ACL. The surgery is within 2 weeks, and I was wondering if I should risk getting back on the skateboard or hang about until I get the surgery done.

I'm really anxious though, because I was bad of skateboarding for almost a year when my knee started acting up, and I was told I couldn't try anything crazy when I go through physical therapy. I stopped the therapy 2 weeks ago, and I'm of late going crazy. I don't even wanna try tricks or anything, I just wanna skate.

So I'm asking if anyone has have this done, or some advice.
i have osgood schlatters disease in the knee from too much skateboarding, it hurt but i still skateboarded and later i got bored of it and now i dont skate anymore
it isnt give or take a few the impact of the tricks its about the stress on the ligament
With solitary two weeks left hold off on the skateboarding. You a moment ago don't want to take a chance and overexploit any more meniscus than you all ready enjoy. Continue to work on strengthening the knee. I have my patients work particularly hard on their hamstrings. Weak hamstring are one reason that the ACL fails. If you are going to consider taking a graft from your hamstring think about the reality that they are probably weak now and a graft is going to bring in them even weaker. If you can think about using a cadaver graft. They are nontoxic and just as reliable. Source(s): physical therapist
it's definitely not a upright idea you could risk making the problem worse. Source(s): sports therapy student
no I would risk going back on the skateboard and result in more damage to the knee.

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