My Toenails Keep Turning Purple?

Today and yesterday while I was sitting normally while using the computer I grasp up and there's a sharp pain in my gone foot. When this happens, all the toenails on my moved out foot turn a lavender color and my left foot turns bright red. After a few minutes of massaging my foot I'm competent to walk normally again and my toenails turn back to being pink. Why does this appear ?
I'm also flat-footed,
could that have anything to do with it?
There are a few reason why that happens.
Have you checked into the sitting position at your desk? Do you sit in front of the computer for long hours lacking stretching your legs or exercising?

Just out of being safe, you can check your blood pressure somewhere where on earth it's convenient to you, like at a Wallgreens or next time you see a doctor.
the toenails turn purple because of a lackof oxygen, plan your leg/foot could be clotting or asleep, something is restricting the blood from getting the fresh oxygen to your feet, i would seriously go to a doctor earlier something worse happens.

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