My finger keep clicking when I flex/bend it. What can I do to cure this?

I went to play basketball around 3 months ago, and my finger got jammed on a intervene really hard. It now clicks whenever I bend it and there's a trustworthy angle of my thumb where there is a LOT of stiffness. If I bend past that tension it clicks. My thumb is stiffer and it does not perceive natural at all. I go to the doctor's and got an x-ray but there be no problem with the bones. I don't think this is trigger finger because I never have this problem before! Can someone please suggest what to do?
go to a doc otherwise dont bend it
my fingers click that that adjectives of the time, and myelbow and all og my other joints. i dont mull over you can stop with as i have asked this back. i think you will have to try and stop bending your fngers so much that they click. sorry
probably a chiropractor can fix it, they can put bones back within place
it just clicks, adjectives my fingers click and its perfectly healthy I don`t know your injury in basketball triggered it :)
just pop ur hand or sit on it
it may or may not go away. not much else to do.
Remove clothing. Insert artificial finger in mouth. Insert finger of other hand up your anus. Count to three and switch fingers. Repeat as important. Source(s): ancient oriental healing arts.
generate sure it is in socket!
Drink a lot of milk and munch through a lot of potassium like bananas

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