What is the easiest bone to break?

now, at hand are many ways to describe a bone.
The bones contained by your feet!! They are a collection of small bones known as metacarpels!! Are you wanting to break a bone or something?? You preserve asking about bones!!
I believe that would be the collar bone, it takes like solitary ten pounds of pressure to break it.
Your clavicle (or collar bone). It's by far the easiest one to break. A punch to your upper chest could break it efficiently.
hmmm - I think I remember audible range somewhere that the bone in the body broken the most is the nose
Depends on the cause of the injury. The long bones of the arms and legs are harder to break. I used to be an ER nurse and my favorite was the "boxers fracture". You seize it when you hit your fist into something and the bone in your hand holding the pinky on is broken. Always a pious story to hear what people hit and why.
the wishbone is the most common broken bone
Your funny bone
A turkey choice bone
i am thinking your toes, because they are so easy to stub on things, but doctors dont do anything for broken toes.
one of yours if you dont stop asking stupid questions
clavicle or the bones inside ur ear
Bloody ankle because i recently done it!!
i'm not sure of the easiest bone to break but i know its one and only supposed to take 7 or 9 lbs of pressure to break a bone
chicken wing I find easiest
The wrist I meditate,
the femur of for a time tiny spider
well i would think the proboscis cos when arguing with my sister, she slapped me and broke my nose!
probably a toe? i duno, but i broke my top from simply falling UP the stairs... if that makes sence...
yr heart!
It's not a bone but it's so easily broken
A kneecap will break under 8-10 lbs. of pressure, if your leg is straight and pressure is applied against it. Bones contained by the hand can be fractured by punching something hard.
Sticks and stones may break ANY bone
and heal up hurriedly and quick
a broken heart thats torn apart
lasts forever and still stays gluey = [
Well the most common Fracture we see is the fracture off the wrist(colles) and the d¨Ścolletage off Femur,these are the easiest bones for the elderly to fracture.But over all i infer the easiest bone to fracture is probably either the Metatarsals or the nose. Source(s): orthopaedic plaster technician nhs uk
not sure ,proberly a bone in your foot,
but speaking from experiance breaking one of your fingers is much easier and smaller number painful
I hear there are so many tiny bones contained by the foot that they are easy to break. But I have unquestionably no medical background to back that up.
the bones contained by your fingers...

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