Whats the best mode to treat a sprained wrist. thankfulness?

Ice it and use an ACETM ice pack that is made for wrists, like, the item you just open up. And in recent times ice it. And take some Motrin, it will consistency loads better. Source(s): Seriously clumsy childhood, expirenced in First Aid now xD
You should put ice on it for twenty minutes at a time and wrap it snugly in a tensor ice pack. Not too tight but just enough to support it.
rest it and put a cold compress on it after 48 hrs start to use it little building up as you move about
in recent times try to use it as normal
Cold wrap to stop swelling - when swelling subsides - use a support bandage - not to tight - just tight plenty to give support to the weakened communal
Apply the R.I.C.E method. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Apply an ice pack - or if you don't hold an ice pack, a bag of frozen peas wrapped surrounded by a tea-towel or a cold flannel will work just as well - to your wrist for 10 minutes and buy a wrist support.
Other than using an ACE bandage, soak it within epsom salt.
First aid for sprains and strains is

R rest
I ice
C compression
E elevation

Rest the limb, Ice it to restrict swelling and to prevent further sabotage by undue movement. Put a compression bandage on it to support and immobilize it and elevate it to maintain the blood away from the effected area. If it is an arm put it contained by a sling then see your GP if it is a leg, elevate the leg, preferably in a controls chair and keep the leg raise till you can get to your GP. Source(s): Red Cross level 2 first aid
pain relief, rime, rest, compression, elevation
I have other had good luck beside epison salt warm hose down hot enough till you can barly stand it pour in the brackish soak about 15 min -20 or till it starts to get cold appropriate wrist out clean with thaw soapy water then wrap contained by ace bandage till it is good and supported preserve pressure off as much as possible repeat two to three times a day swelling should turn down even quicker than ice and will also help beside brusing if any Source(s): I HAVE had a lot if sprains so apposite luck and i hope thi helps in some channel
Wrist Injury Treatment
Self-Care at Home
When you enjoy fallen and injured your wrist, it is important to rest your arm.

If in attendance is an obvious deformity of the wrist or numbness contained by the hand, you should lay your wrist across a soft pillow and seek medical attention without hesitation.
If there is no obvious misshapenness and you are not in severe pain, you may want to appropriate some acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) and wait to see how the wrist feels. Again, a soft pillow is a apt temporary splint.
Apply ice to the nouns. Do not put ice directly on your skin. Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables surrounded by a towel to create an icepack.
If pain or other symptoms do not go away inside a day, you should see a doctor.
Medical Treatment
If there is no fracture see on the x-ray, the doctor may diagnose you with a sprain. In cases where here is tenderness in the anatomical snuffbox, the doctor may also suspect within may be a fracture of the scaphoid that is not showing up on the x-rays.
For a wrist sprain, the doctor may decide to treat you near no splint, a Velcro wrist splint, or plaster splint (like a cast). The decision on a splint will be based on your horizontal of pain, amount of swelling, restriction of movement, and concern about an occult or mysterious fracture. (An occult fracture is a fracture that is so small that it does not appear on the initial x-rays.) If the doctor has concerns for an occult fracture, the doctor may splint you and push for you to have repeat x-rays at your doctor's office or beside an orthopedist (bone specialist) in 5-10 days.
For minor sprains, you will likely be given no splint and told to define activity appropriate to your level of discomfort.
For more severe sprains, you will likely be given a Velcro wrist splint that you can take on and stale. Also you might be prescribed some form of pain medication. You should make sure that you consent to the doctor know what other medications you are taking and any allergies that you have.
Most experts recommend simply the use of ice for sprains. Some doctors may still recommend switching to heat after 24-48 hours.
Treatment of a fracture (a broken bone) depends on the specific type of fracture found. If you hold a fracture, you may be treated by the doctor who sees you initially or you may be referred to an orthopedic surgeon. Source(s): http://firstaid.webmd.com/wrist_injury_t…

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