What happen after you slit your wrists?

Hi! I am writing a novel where the crucial character slits his wrists (vertically up the length of his forearm, not horizontally, close to most) and he manages to survive. They call 911 and he is rushed to the hospital. I have some specifics that I wanted answered, so I thought googling it would do the trick. I eventually found all the question I needed answered on a site, but no one would answer the guy asking them because they were adjectives convinced he was trying to kill himself. Now, I am NOT trying to put to death myself. I really need to know- I have no conception of the mechanics of this, and need to know to add truth to the book. Here are the questions he asked:

1. How long does it take for someone to die after sliting their wrists?

2. What is the "out of danger zone" of time from when someone first slits their wrists and starts bleeding to where they can no longer be saved. Meaning how long does someone enjoy to call an ambulance before its too unpunctually?

3. What is the medical procedure after someone is taken to a hospital after trying to commite suicide?

4. Are there any negative after effects of slitting your wrist, I. e. brain break, or something besides just blood loss.

5. Is it possible for someone else, besides trained medical personel, to save someone from dying after they slit their wrists? If yes, next what is the proper procedure.

And, in addition to his, I own one of my own: What happens after the wounds are treated? I have hear the patients are held overnight for psychiatric evaluation. Elaboration on this would help! Thanks! Please only serious answers, I don't obligation people trying to talk me out of a suicide I'm not going to commit!
Um this is terrifically disturbing.
it takes a while to bleed to death
When you slit your wrists they lose mobility so yeah you like can't move your hands and stuff. Kind of resembling slicing the back of your tendons. I would watch my dad hunting turkeys for christmas and he would approaching run after them with a machete knife and slice the spinal column of their tendons so they couldn't run. Anyway...

1. I have no idea I don`t know half an hour to an hour

2. It's too late when they start to elapse out

3. R - Rest
I - Ice wound
C - Compress wound
E - Elevate wounded areas

4. No just paralyzed hands/fingers

5. Yes it is possible for them to be saved. Stiches and a mental institute.

Yeah associates that survive an attempted suicide get chucked in the looney bin where on earth they are treated for their retardedness.
People who try repeatedly sit in a warm hip bath to increase blood flow.

On finding someone.

1. compress wound and elevate hands above head.
2 straight to hospital for blood /saline solution
3. kept surrounded by hospital as high risk of infection of deep cut beside a possible result of infection of the blood.

Not sure on how quick it happens
Not sure roughly speaking mental evaluation after suicide attempt
Not much help im sure! Good luck with the book

Cutting wrists
This entail cutting through the wrists with the aim of tear open the radial artery and may damage the tendons, ulnar and median nerves which control the muscles of the foot, which can result in temporary or durable reduction in sensory and motor skilfulness

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