How To Break Your Wrist or Arm At Home?

Ok, so I have wanted to break wrist or arm and I hold been trying for 2 months and nothing works. I own tried falling off my bike, jumping out of a tree, doing stupis stunts, falling a bunch of times, tripping, cartwheels, and nil works all I do is sprain it what should I do to break it. But, none of the stupid jump rotten a roof or hit it with a sledge hammer. I will do anything simply please help me.
Are you fvcking retarded? Why do you wanna break your arm? It hurts like hell and sometimes,it can be so broken that the arm requirements to be removed. Take care of your body you nut.

Go to your counselor,you need mental help out.
On top of why the heck would you want to do that? There is the big possibility that if your be finally successful breaking your wrist or arm that you might end up doing much worse damage than you anticipated. That could motive you lifelong problems over just a broken bone.

Protect your body! It is the only one you own got! Source(s): 5 year brain injury survivor
Why The Hell would you want to do that? You know once you broken it will never be matching again? Thats really messed up and i think you should get give a hand.
Why would you wanna do that? Trust me, it hurts like ****. I just broke mine skateboarding. Just home on your arm wrong. But seriously, I think you have a problem.
well i own never broke my arm or wrist, thank god. but y would u want to break it on purpose, u freak?!
Your a scary person and I seriously focus there is somthing mentally wrong with you. I am not answering you. Do you know how much agony you will be in?
Firstly, there is no issue next to desiring to experience something one has yet to do. Yes, it will be extraordinarily sore, but I don't believe that gives anyone on this forum a right to forgo attempting to answer you accurately, as opposed to continuously calling you out on your "idiocy."
If one looked-for to psychoanalyze you, as I believe many of these people do, probably they should utilize terms more effective than "stupid," "idiot," and "wrong"--not to mention have a better grasp [if any] of the psychological mechanisms that would cause a being to self-harm. None of the words currently used convey anything positive, and it only shows through their own lack of intellect by failing to formulate a proper argument against this course of performance, which is all these answers have become. Must I really point out that this forum is for relevant answers?

Secondly, and to the point:
I would not suggest breaking your arm. Bones that huge take an indeterminable amount of time to heal, and nearby are a great deal many more nerve-endings surrounded by ones arm as opposed to the wrist [meaning it would hurt a great deal more]. The wrist have very thin bones, and it's much easier to break within a fall, or simply twisted improperly.
If you hold access to pain medication, take one pill, but no more than two previously you do this. It will hurt, as you can imagine, and if you can prevent at least the initial sting of the break, adjectives the better. If you have no access to any narcotics, take nearly four Tylenol, or three Ibuprofen, depending on your height/weight fifteen- to twenty minutes before you attempt this. Do not drink a caffeinated beverage three hours before, or after the break. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN. Aspirin is a blood-thinner, and you do not want tiny fragments of bone getting into your blood stream, possibly cause an aneurysm. You'll want to be hydrated, but be careful of eating anything before--the agony may make you nauseous.
To the actual breaking: I've read several places that if you verbs your hand backwards, with your fingers pointing towards your body and your palm facing down, and attempt to elevate your body on that weight your wrist will break. I don't see this as a viable option because you may injury the joint.
The best way, as I see it, is to use a hammer--not a sledge! You want to break a bone, not demolish your paw! Place your hand on a flat and hard surface on its side, thumb pointing towards the ceiling. Raise the tack hammer about three feet, next drop it with as much force as you feel comfortable. It singular takes approx. 5lbs to break a bone--and you'll know it's broken if your hand begin to swell largely within 5 to 10 minutes. If not, you should try again--but no more than once! It'll likely be too tight the first time to do it many more.
This should break your scaphoid--which will probably need a style, but is the easiest of the hand/wrist to heal. Source(s):
Understanding of human psychology/anatomy.
Doing it myself in T-Minus 1 hour.
ok so first why do you want to break your arm or wrist. but anyway it will hurt trap it contained by something HARD that will do it
what the heck? why would you want to break your arm on purpose? Source(s): you are stupid!!
dont break ur freaking arm on purpose
it hurts like a motherr are you crazy?
but i broke mine falling sour the monkey bars
listen children why not ask your moms

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