If your foot's asleep and you stomp on it can you break the bone?

Not stomping on it, but if you should get up and twist or turn it wrong when you spill out you could.
Your bones break the same whether or not your foot is asleep. Provide enough pressure or an unnatural position, and yes, your bone might break.

Kind of depends which approach you stomp on it. Are we referring to if you just stomp down on the sole, or if you stomp so the ankle bends? In which case, if you stomp next to the sole, then no, most likely not.

If the ankle is bent, you might fracture your ankle if you stomp rock-hard enough, but it is VERY unlikely.
i guess if u hit it really hard! But you can break a bone skateboarding but people still do it! You can go and get hurt doing anything! That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it! If it works with you than do it!
Hope this help!!
Happy New Year! Source(s): just ME!!
I guess it's possible. . ..
Yes, you can.

You can also wake your foot up since it is ready and it may be cranky with you.
No.. lmao
you could but you would have to stomp really...really strong, like twice as hard as you ever could. i hope this make sence
Yes, it's actually reasonably dangerous to walk around beside a sleeping foot. A friend of mine broke her arm because it was asleep, she twisted it.
If stomp hard enough it is possible.
yep it appear to my friend cause she stomped realli hard
u can fracture it
no if you do it insubstantially
that is absolutely preposterous. hahaha if your skipper hurt does your brain fall out?
haha, nope but it would seriously hurt lol Source(s): i only just no
Yes. Your foot being asleep does not make it invincible.
No you can't lol, but you should in recent times shake it and move it around to get the blood flowing again.
yes if you hit it really hard..hope i helped..subsequent time to wake it up jut move it around lol
ummm, idk... try it and let me know.
Sure can, if you stomp it in someone`s facade.
depends on how you stomp on it. duh!
You could if you stomped it hard plenty, but the pain from it being asleep and stomping it would probably stop you from getting that far.

You can break you foot or rip a tendon by trying to walk on your foot when it is asleep. I did it once formerly, stood up while it was asleep, tried to walk and snapped my Achilles muscle. Source(s): personal experience
no but dont stomp on it :| thats not healthy i muse
you must be pretty strong
no, when it is alseep it turns to steel, lol
umm that depends r u wearing shoes! lmao

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