How do you knock someone out by squeezing their pressure point?

You know in movies when someone squeezes the back of someone elses collar and they pass out immediately? Is this possible at adjectives or is it a stretch of something possible or what? if it is, where is the point that you're supposed to press down on?
The Vulcan sleep-grip is a myth.
Study old Star Trek shows and try the Viulcan Death grip on some really big'll be knock out in a heartbeat
There are several nerves around the neck which can completely cut bad circulation of bloodflow to the brain. Pressing on the carotid artery can cause unconsciousness. Plus, nearby are several places in the neck and shoulders where on earth many different tendons, vessels and self-assurance groups are.

The Vagus nerve is the spot you're referencing.

I'm not going to tell you where on earth to hit someone to knock them out. Even if I did, you wouldn't be able to do it.

If you're interested in research martial arts, I recommend to look into training at a local dojo. For a beginner, Tae Kwon Do would be an excellent starting form for you to revise.

Or, Jiujutsu (Judo). That martial art would probably be the best for you to learn. It doesn't clutch beastly strength or flexibility in the way that some other forms, similar to Kenpo or Shotokan, do.

EDIT - Badkitty; the Vulcan neck pinch is BS, but there most to be sure is a Vagus nerve, and you absolutely can instantaneously knock someone out next to the correct technique.

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