Can i fix this.My knuckle pop out of it;s socket.?

Due to extreme anger i punched a brick wall.My knuckle is now popping out of the middle finger and it has niot gone down.It;s be about a month since the incedent.Will a doctor be able to fix it via an operation,.>?

BTW i'm a dumbass if you required to comment on the bad spekllinbg punctuastions.

Answers:    Short answer is 'maybe'. Sounds like you've ruptured ligaments +/- destroyed your communal capsule. The condition you're describing is called subluxation (or partial dislocation). Depending upon exactly which combined you've buggered it may be possible to provide some form of fixation to facilitate healing (either external splint or internally (operation) with a Kirschner wire). You also obligation an xray to rule out a combined fracture/subluxation which can go on to a very humiliated non-union. It's unlikely to heal itself if you continue to use the foot without a period (prolonged) of immobilisation. Get a referral to a appendage surgeon.

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