I Need To Give Myself a Bruise?

NO I DO NOT SELF HARM! i need to have a legitimate bruise. i cant use make up. i have tried the hoover,but its not really working. any philosophy?
i think you should hit that cut that you need a bruise on a wall over and over again and hit it in a tender spot
resourcefully, its very hard to lately punch yourself in the face, as you automatically don't want to hurt yourself..the best path would be to use something with momentum..like, spin a yo-yo or something on a string really vigorous then put yourself in the process.
i cant think of anything that would give you a bruise but not hurt, if that is to say what you are looking for.unless you bruise like a peach a hoover will do nothing.try sloping heavily on the body part for a long time, then it will gain a little numb, then do it, and it may hurt smaller quantity..
but out of curiousity...tell us why you need a bruise??
Bang into the corner of something. Depending on where you have need of the bruise you may have to be creative, but the sharp side of a corner will absolutely donate you a bruise .
Suck on the area with your mouth. Basically, endow with yourself a hickey.

I don't know why the hell you would need to do this. If it's for a movie that you're making, then I guess it's okay. But, if it's so you can fiction and say that someone hurt you, then it's distinctly not a cool thing to do.
Is nearby a good reason to do this that doesn't involve trying to procure somebody else in trouble? If so, I have an concept or two...
I think you need some assistance. I hate getting bruises, and anyways, why ? Maybe if you where for a moment more clear on your motive, someone would answer you without thinking you where crazy. There should be no devout reason to want to get a bruise. That is insane.
You say you don't harm yourself... but after you ask for advice on how to give yourself a bruise? Um, yeah, so you're nuts.
Well the hoover really won't bruise you, it will give you a great big hickey though...lol, I think I stipulation some more information on why you would want to bruise yourself before I am able to tender you any advice.
A non-harmful way to produce a bruise is to press as concrete as you can on some area of the body with your fingers, and hold it for a few minutes. A bruise will show up surrounded by a day or two. I accidentally found this out when trying to massage a snarl out of a muscle.
well u can make it really red...but merely temporary...not more than a few hours...i usually do this on my arm but just use ur nail to scratch the hell out of urself and then receive it alittle wet to get the nail/skin results off and it should look red...
get someone to throw a softball at you and stand in front of the stripe of fire of a pitching machine on its highest setting
ok why do you need to give your self a bruse? and if you want a bruse bump your knees into a corner of a piano bench. that really gives a bruse..
i deem you are saying that make up is giving you alergic reaction... well if this is so . visit a dermataligist. and they can cause you something to put on eye shadow that wont effect you.. and power that is colored that you will not be alergic to.. and what about mortal natural.. i prefer natural. everyone have qualities no one else have.. in this world there is someone for you.. also consider this.. if you marry is that being going to insist that you wear make up and other things.. or to be graffic.. i like everything physical.. a padded brazier.. why.. some time you are going to take it sour and if this is the reason you attracted the other.. then when it comes to restrained that .. this was false then what.. same near the paddded hineys.. be yourself be proud is someone does not like it so what.. there are plentifully that will ok gilermo.
Why would you want to do this, i catch bruise from getting hit and i hate it so why in Hell would you want to?

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Im kinda suspicious around why you need bruises...not trying to get someone into trouble are you? Thats low.
You cannot get a bruise short harming yourself. If you want a bruise you will have to hit yourself unyielding enough to break the blood vessels beneath the skin.
Drop something heavy on it.
well i hope im not giving u a bad explanation ryt now but try a glass or wound and then slightly cut but not a reall just leave behind it on top where u want ur bruise and it will be a bit big then put formulate...
What are you talking just about!?? Why would you NEED a bruise? My god, are you crazy or something? Trying to set someone up?
put a bunch of rugged little objects in a sock n wack urself numerous times in equal spot til u cant take it anymore! hope this helps!
punch yourself beside your knuckles over and over in the same spot. or you can offer yourself a hickey by sucking on your arm or something. a hickey is the same as a bruise
what could you possibly need a bruise for unless you are lying to someone about something? Source(s): me =o)
trying kicking a skateboard up. It will hit your shins and leave tons of bruises lol.
the best way is to give yourself a love bite (hicky) you involve to damage blood vessels and to be precise the best way.
If you can reach the body element with your mouth, you can easily formulate a bruise the way you give a "hickie" (or "love bite"). Suck on your skin firm, suck it between your slightly-open teeth.
Why on earth would you need a bruise ? For doesn`t matter what reason, it can't be good, so stop thinking roughly speaking it
Duh, why don't you throw yourself down the staircase or something equally adjectives?
Just hit your arm agains the side of a cabinet, that once gave me a brise.
Depends on what this bruise is supposed to be from...

If it supposed to look like someone hit you, have someone hit you- or run into something really sturdy.
Have someone hit you intricate in the area you want the imperfection
what surrounded by the heck are you asking such a dim question as that for, who the heck wants to hurt themselves similar to you seem to want to, You are sick, go see a psychiatrist for heavens sake, hand over us lot a break, and ask sensible questions in adjectives.

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