Why does one side of my trunk stuff up when i lay down?

why does my nose stuff up on one side everytime i lay down to go to sleep?? its be happening sence i was little so i a short time ago want to know.
The other answer is a little over the top. Just wanted to variety sure you don't think you need a surgery. haha. but yeah, that's commonplace. It's just allergies or a cold, but I don't know why that is any. Maybe it's because the one you're breathing out of less gets stuffed and the other is the solely one your breathing out of so it has to stay clear.
Lots of people are born next to a nose defect. Yours sounds resembling it could be a 'deviated septum'. Do you have headaches also? Depends on how defectively you're nose is 'off-kilter' & how much you complain of problems before an Ear/Nose/Throat Doc will operate. It's not a fruitless operation (called an "SMR").

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