What happen if you sprain your ankle severely and don't see a doctor??

I severely sprained my ankle, bruising, swollen, and it felt bad yesterday but tonight I have trouble sleeping and this morning I heard something pop. My mother is a nurse and just told me R.I.C.E. and won't give somebody a lift me to a doctor...will it get any better? Because I'm in hell-loads of torment.
Are you sure that it is sprangec because it might be broken!
What you need to do is to some distress killers (motrain, tylonal (i cant spell, or ivy profain.
than elevate it and ice it for 20 min.
Than wrap it up within an ace bandage
Your mother cant control in going to the doctor!
If she wont tolerate you go or whatever telephone a friend to take you!
This is important do my direction!
I am a Nurse as well and purely because she is a nurse does not mean she is a doctor. You may have broken you ankle or torn something that could be unpromising. You need to go see a doctor. That is bottom column! Good luck. Nurses can be hard heads I know. Yes RICE is flawless for now, but see a doctor for xrays.
He won't know you have a sprained ankle.
Your mom is nuts! How can she diagnose it as a sprain only without x-ray? You could hold a broken bone or more serious injury. Go to the hospital and get it checked...especially something as important as your ankle... withdrawal of medical attention there can have you limping for the rest of your energy.
Use cruch's for about 12 weeks AT LEAST
The ankle may be hurt worse then you think, and you entail to go to the Dr. just to create sure that everything is ok. Because you want to be sure that everything heals properly...
Can't do much for a sprain other than wrap in ACE cold compress, keep it elevated and use Ice. Going to the doctor won't really help much unless you're not positively positive that it's not fractured. Even then, a hairline fracture-not much you can do about that any. Take anti-inflammatory and stay off of it.
Alot of PAIN.
But it will be ok.
Keep it well elevated.
Dont move it more than you have to.
But you should try moving it.
Take ibuprofen or something for the pain and swelling. If you take aid of it (stay off it, put ice on it, etc) later it will get better. You don't *need* a doctor... If the swelling doesn't go down contained by the next 2-3 days, then you will entail a doctor to make sure there is nil else wrong.
You could have torn ligaments, I did that once and it be so bad they put me in a shape - without a broken bone! You should definitely catch it checked out.
appreciation mom..ice your ankle, keep it elevated,
it would purely hurt but you will be fine just take it slow and tolerate it heal completely
your foot will fall off.

if it doesnt consistency better by nightfall...u should call the nurse line at the hospital. they usually own an unbiased opinion of what you should do.
amputation jk

merely go already, why are you wasting time with us
It most promising would get a permi-limp. [A some what sensitive spot on your ankle, not as bad as it sounds] Atleast take an ace bandage, or atry to apply some pressure to it.
You'll capture a tumor and die.
u die
OUCH thats what happens
Sometimes you might need surgery, but not remarkably often. Other than that, nothing bleak will happen. Just make sure to rime it a lot and don't go run around on it or anything. I am sure your mom know what is best.
I own sprained both of my ankles numerous times.

For a sprained ankle, there is little a doctor can do. While you may think you inevitability to go to a doctor, (and it may make you consistency better and have a placebo effect on your healing process), here really is nothing he can do if it is simply a regular sprained ankle.

However, there can be complications, such as small fragments of bone human being torn off with ligaments, etc, which is difficult to relay without X-Rays. In this case, it may be indispensable to take other action, such as a form of some sort (however, this is rare). This is where a doctor can help. Also, I own found that if I EVER feel worried about something -- a unusual bruise, etc, I go to the doctor just to allay my fears, which reduce stress and definitely speeds the healing process. If you are really worried, possibly you should let your mom know that, even though you know you'll be ok, that you are fearful and you want your fears to be quelled.

In nonspecific, the doctor will tell you the same article as your mom -- RICE! Also, doctors may recommend taking an antiinflammatory such as ibuprofen which reduces swelling and speeds recovery. I depend on my ankles for sports, so after 2 days it is best to try as strong as possible (without reinjury) to rehabilitate your ankles. This should start out in the form of first getting flexibility back by drawing circles contained by the air with them, up downs, etc. A apposite activity is to trace the alphabet in the heavens with your ankle to help capture flexibility. It is important to go through adjectives the ranges of motion, going especially (yet slower) through the ones that cause pain.

Physical therapist have had me break up mark tissue that will form by doing calf raises. I do this as soon as possible with (light) backache but nothing that really hurts. I start out with 2 foot on the ground, and simply raise the heels off the ground. Then, when I have a feeling stronger, I start doing 1 foot at a time, and then doing them on the edges of stairs etc, which can help strengthen the muscles / tendons / ligaments surrounded by the ankle. Also, I do balancing exercises such as standing on a pillow etc, that helps the stabalizers strengthen contained by the ankle.

There is something like a 50% chance you will sprain your ankle again once you enjoy already sprained it, so these exercises are very important.

Good luck.

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