Different colors of pus?

I apologize in advance for how gross this grill is.

I have noticed that sometimes pus is pale and sometimes it is green. Is there any significance in the color?

Although both indicate infection, white pus manner there are living white blood cells surrounded by it fighting infection. Green means that at hand are more white blood cells fighting an even bigger infection and pale means that the white blood cells hold died fighting for you and/or are dying and losing to the infection. SO... yellow is worse than green because it channel the infection is winning. White pus is usually your body's first response to invasion.
no here isnt its just that puss i infection (dead blood cells) and sometimes there is more wet in it that others causing it to be a slightly different color :)
Its not gross, its just a part of mortal a living organism. It could be the different kinds of acne. Usually whiteheads pus is white. Blackheads a greenish dark color. Cysts are usually brownish or redish next to white. Its the different levels of acne that is the drive of different color. Source(s): MD at Mayo
I am no doctor but from my understanding a type mucus or pus is determine by its color . I know resembling with mucus if it is clear than is usually a sign of a virus and if its thick and ashen it bacterial infection. so basically the color is determine by what is causing the infection. Check net md!
Well - surrounded by some cases yes, and in some cases no. A greenish pus discharge usually indicates a bacterial infection of some sort, but you can't always use color to distinguish between a viral and bacterial infection. Some bacterial infections- resembling the pseudomonas that causes vaginal infections gives you a frothy white one. The color surrounded by some cases is due to a rather complicated chemical reaction involving the neutophils which the body uses to clash off infections- particularly bacterial ones. The substance that donate pus its green color is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase (MPO), which is released by the neutrophils. The chemical is somewhat greenish in appearance contained by the pure form- so if you have a nasty infection, you own enough of it get concentrated to become aware of the color. Although we think of them as white blood cells, contained by fact- these particular variations of the white blood cell are green. Anyone who's have a really bad sinus infection can attest to being somewhat disconcerted to find green snot surrounded by the kleenex- but it's just because there is a full war going on, with lots of dead bodies on the battlefield- lots of neutrophils, surrounded by other words- and it looks greenish. A pus discharge that is waivering between the usual yellow/creamy white and green probably just stingy the battle is still on, and there isn't a clear cut conqueror just yet. As the body starts to win, it should shift vertebrae from the green to the usual expected color. Good question though- very observant. Source(s): nurse
I think green is worse, but either route, if there is pus there is infection.

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