Haven't gone poop within 2 weeks?

I haven't gone poop in 2 weeks and just a few hours ago I notice there's blood coming from my rectum. I'm not sure if it's just my period but I wipe myself and there's more blood in the back later there is in the front. I want to move about down to the emergency room but my mom thinks it's just my spell. Should I just go?
You need to run to the bathroom and wipe only one area to see where on earth the blood is really coming from.Are you feeling any pain anywhere? Do you own any fever? Have you told your mother that you have not have a BM in 2 weeks? It is very big too know where the blood is coming from.Go check and tell your mother.
ER is where i would be going, or at smallest call there first, they will donate you some advice to what you should do.
Get to the ER very soon! It's not your period.
May be you are have "piles". Better not waste time. Pls go to a doctor quickly.
if you haven't gone poop contained by two weeks you're going to die. doctor, now!
yes, go!
i would think so.

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