Is this a jammed finger or is it broken?

Yesterday my brother was screwing around and he accidentally kicked my middle finger head-on. It started to turn red around the knuckle (the knuckle on the middle of my finger, not on my hand) and since after its has been hurting when I bend it and its unbelievably stiff. I can't even curl it all the way. I put some rime on it for 30 minutes and did the same thing subsequently on last night. It still won't curl and this is a most important problem for me since I am a guitarist (the injury is on my left hand). I was wondering if my finger is only just jammed and how long it will take for me to be able to curl it again so I can play guitar. Thanks.
if its broken or cracked it should turn black and rapid, you should get it checked you may need one of those things they tie to product it straight for a couple of weeks.
If it was broken it probably would hold turned blue/blackish by now, it would be very swollen, and it would hurt close to a sumbitch all the time. So it's most likely jammed. Probably a suitable idea to have it looked at by a doctor though.
It may be fractured. But its probably Jammed and it will take resembling a 3 days to a week for a jammed finger to COMPLETELY heal and feel better.
you wouldn't have to ask on the internet for your health problems if you be in Australia. We have free medical.
If it isn't drastically swollen, and hasn't turned black and blue, then it is probably jammed and will take a couple of weeks to touch better
I think you should ask a docter not
Don't know short an x-ray but after the first 24-hours you might try heat rather than rime. Also keep it elevated. If you think it's broken stir to doc. Or try poor man's way..tape it to the subsequent finger to keep it immobile. Good luck!
It sounds approaching a bad sprain, you can go to the doctor and they can dispense you a figure cast and it would probably assistance heal it faster, but if I had to pocket a guess on how long it would take to heal I would own to say 3-4 weeks depending on how severe it is.

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