I freshly cut my finger on a piece of rusty metal? will I be okay?

I was just working on this bench (pretty old) it has some metal parts on it and I was trying to adjust its loftiness but while adjusting it I cut myself on it.

I knew as soon as it cut me and I stuck my thumb over the cut (the cut is on the tip of my right index finger) I soaked it and cleaned right away it but I didn't bleed? is it a discouraging sign? that its not bleeding? or is it good? should I clean it some more? =O
If it didn't in actuality bleed, it can't be very deep. If it have gone the surface layers of the skin, it would bleed. So you're very unlikely to develop any sort of infection.

All you stipulation to do for a wound like that is verbs it, bandage it, and change the plaster if it gets dirty or wet. A bit of antibiotic unguent (like Neosporin) might help. Just keep an eye on it, and see a doctor if it shows any signs of infection, close to unusual redness, swelling or inflammation, odd streaks, or restlessness.

However…one of the biggest dangers is always tetanus. Tetanus infection is drastically unlikely this time, but it's the perfect opportunity to determine if you need a booster shot!

The CDC, American Academy of Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians adjectives recommend that everyone get a booster shot every ten years. Only in a immensely, very few instances should you not get a tetanus shot; your doctor will report to you if you're one of those rare few. (Mainly, it's people who own had serious reactions to previous tetanus shots. Soreness and restlessness in the injection area are everyday.)

Nearly half of tetanus cases (in the last three year time of year for which data is available) came from injuries sustained indoors or at home, not surrounded by the yard, the garden, or the woods! Everyone knows you can acquire tetanus from stepping on a rusty nail. But you can get tetanus from small scratch, insect or animal bites, or even splinters, too. It can also develop from piercing or tattooing, especially if it's not done by a professional. All it takes is punctured skin and exposure to the tetanus bacteria.

By the path, tetanus is fatal in approximately eleven percent of cases. That process that if you do get tetanus, you have a one within nine chance of dying. So it doesn't make sense to hold a chance on it when the vaccination is so convenient! If you don't have insurance, check with the local (state or county) robustness clinic.

The CDC has a downloadable fact sheet available. Source(s): http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd%2Dvac/te…
The fact that it's not bleeding isn't really relevant. When be the last time you had a tetanus shot? If it be within the last ten years, newly make sure it's clean and scrutinize out for signs of infection, but you're probably fine. If it was NOT within the final ten years, get yourself to a doctor and get one- even if it wasn't a big cut, you could catch tetanus from it.

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