Snake bite piercing problem?

i got my snakebites done 2 days ago and when i had it done,my bites looked even when mark i think and now they kinda look toothed. I can feel from the inside that my left side is abit up. Its also swollen,could it be because of the swelling?
Asking impossible to tell apart question over and over has simply gotten you removed from my contacts list. It also irritates other people and make them less interested in helping you. I would enjoy sent this privately, but you don't allow messages. Hope you're just a little embrarassed.

And yes, they look crooked immediately because they're swollen. Just like the other 10 answers you've gotten said. You'll know in a week or so if they're really even or not.
yeah i have my lip done 5 times the swelling of the lip will do that, make them look uneven, every item should look fine after about between 1 to 2 weeks if they were done right so you should hold nothing to worry almost just keep them cleaned

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