Spider bite on my eye... ?

I have a very aching spider bite on my eyelid. My eyelid is completely swollen, and I can barely open it. There is no sore, and it happen while I was asleep, so I didn't see the creature which bit me. I'm not sure what to do. I know I should call the doctor, but I don't really want to. And I hold an interview tomorrow. I NEED this to go away. HELP!?
Ouch! Sorry, but you stipulation to visit a doctor. There isn't much else to do at this point...
It's probably not a spider bite - more likely, it's a chalazion. They are very adjectives. They happen when a little duct gain clogged up and the oil in the duct get rancid.

The very best treatment is to put hot packs on your eye. As hot as you can stand it, for as long as you can - 15 minutes a daylight is NOT enough. The more you do it, the faster it heals.

After you've have the heat on it for awhile, massage it to draw from the oil out. It will hurt, but you have to do it.

If it is infected, you entail to see the Dr. Chalazion can grow and become disfiguring if left untreated.

Go to the interview just as you are - swollen eye and adjectives. Who knows, maybe they wont spot!

good luck
well, folks cant really tell you what to do with something medical on the internet even if they are doctors, so you have need of to see one.
No one on here will be capable of help you better or quicker than a doctor can. Especially considering that you don't know what bit you for sure. It's better to be safe than sorry...run see your doctor.
Don't be too lazy or panicky to call the Doctor. Your situation is really heavy and must be deal with right away. Go to the doctor fast, and as soon as possible. If not, you may own the cahnce to get it infected and you severly damage your eye. Or even worse become blind contained by that eye.
Suck it up and call the doctor.
Wear an eye paych and act similar to a pirate. I bet you'll get the job.
This might not be an actual spider bite, it might be a sty.
Why on earth wouldn't you go to the doctor? What is holding you backbone that is worth risking your interview, your health, and even your eyesight? Stop dragging your foot and go see a doctor or urgent care clinic.
You inevitability to go to the Emergency Department of your local hospital. Spider bites can be serious, you don't want the flesh on your eyelid to go necrotic. Go to your local doctor or hospital.
you REALLY need to shift the hospital. if it's swellin like that it's most likely a venomous spider.
put an ice pack on it and go to the emergency room.
give the name the interview and tell them you have a situation that have to be dealt with ASAP
My only advice would be to see a doctor instantly.
They will probably give you something to make the swelling progress down faster.
Take some Benadryl and try not to touch it. You do need to be in motion get it looked at, though, because if it was poisonous, it could of late get worse and worse and could affect your vision. Take Benadryl - something next to antihistamine in it so that it will decrease the swelling. You can also put an rime pack, then rotate with a hot pack. The rime will reduce swelling and the heat will give a hand draw out any infection or venom. Either way - procure it looked at.
Should see the Doc really, your eyesight is substantial. Btw, it wasn't a funnel web was it?lol.
Spider Woman!
Do see the doc! had you hear about loxoceles reclusa??
Benedryl might comfort.
Get off the computer and have someone bear you to a doctor! Yahoo! Answers can't help your spider bite. Try putting some ice on it on the channel and take a benedryl.
u need to see the doctor !! u never know that can evolve from a spider bite!
are you sure its a spider bite? because it sounds more like a Stye, which are little pimple like things that go down on the eyelid. they hurt like a B**** to touch and by the way u enunciate u dont want to open and close your eyes it sounds like a stye. in attendance are medicines to put on it go to your local drug store and ask the pharmacist.
Clean the site of the spider bite okay with soap and water. Apply a cool compress over the spider bite. Try Aspirin or acetaminophen for the niggle. You really should get to a doctor.
Just call for a doctor. Source(s): common sense
I knew spiders required to eat people!! they eill lug over the world and distroy all humans!! (u know im joking right?)

ecept spiders are evil and they are gonna be the justification i die when im older cuz a posinous spider will bite me. (still jk)

The interview can take place still, simply if there are pictures bring your own pictures. ok maybe not. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

* me*
Wait till 1-3 weeks or you can return with this kind of lotion put on your skin take support of everything or clean it with soap just about every 5 housrs

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