Sometimes I cough up little white ball that stink when you crush them, What is it?

They're "thraot stones" or "crypts." It's a build-up of all kinds of stuff: food particle, bacteria, mucus, etc. and they form in the folds of your tonsils.

They're awful. I hold them myself and I can't stand them.
oh i get it too. i want to know the answer too. but i don't get it when i cough
Are they yellow a little bit? I mull over what your experiencing if food that gets caught in your nasal hallway from your throat and it sits there until it basically turns into poop. Not literally but your body decompose it of its nutrients and so on just like food does when you swallow it. Its happen to me before too. I think coughing and sneezing sometimes agree to the pieces become free into our mouth again.
why would you crush them?
Yeah, those things are outrageously obnoxious.
You mean I'm not the only one who get those?
Try gargling with Listerine to relieve clear the places where the food particles and germs tend to build up. This buildup of food particles and bacteria are also responsible for doomed to failure breath. LISTERINE please!! Source(s): MLT student
Microbiology class

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